The nominations for all the awards are open to all Local Government Units only. The levels are the following; PROVINCE, CITIES, and MUNICIPALITIES. However, in some categories CITIES are categorized into HUCs and ICC/CC


For continuing programs and projects, a major portion of the activity should have taken place during the coverage of January 2023 – December 2023.


The nominee must register and fill out the information relative to the category in the website


The digital bid book is the method by which documentary and supporting evidence of the project, program, activity, or individual/group’s achievements (relative to the category) are presented to the judges. Supporting materials may include photos, newspaper articles, brochures, etc.


Entries of the LGUs should be uploaded in the ATOP Official website on or before 12 midnight of July 20, 2024. Entries should accomplish the entry content for the entries (that will serve as the digital bid book) followed by the necessary attachments and the LCE endorsement.


The virtual bid book should be accompanied by a 3‐5minute audio-visual presentation specific for the award category. The LGUs general promotion presentation is not acceptable.


Preliminary judging will commence on July 25, 2024 to July 31, 2024. After which the judges will decide on the Top 3 entries that will be moving on to the ATOP Pearl Awards Online defense which will start on August 1-15, 2024. Final deliberation of the ATOP Ranking will be on August 31, 2024.


In the preliminary round, the judges will use an average point system to determine the ranking. However, in the final round, a ranking system will be used to determine the placement. For Best Tourism Oriented LGUs, preliminary rankings shall have an effect to the determination of its Top 3 wherein 70% of the grade will be from the Judges while the remaining 30% shall be from the result of the preliminary ranking.


In case ONLY 1 will qualify for ANY awards in the final round, hence, no ranking will be made he / she /they will receive a CITATION certificate. However, the finalist shall still undergo final deliberations.


Judges decision is Final and irrevocable.
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